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My Wellness Mantra is a process for improving mental wellbeing.

My Wellness Mantra is a process for improving mental wellbeing.

Grounded in the ancient wisdom of Eastern emotions, as epitomized by Rasas, My Wellness Mantra offers a daily regimen of unique activities crafted to deepen your comprehension of emotions and their catalysts. Analogous to the yoga practice of “asanas,” which cultivates a harmonious physique, My Wellness Mantra activities are undertaken with a conscious awareness of emotions, facilitating the mastery of emotional control and the astute observation of trigger points.

By embracing these activities, you will:

  1. Cultivate the ability to act rather than react.
  2. Develop the habit of pausing to reflect before responding to situations that could lead to later regrets.
  3. Enhance your day-to-day existence.
  4. Strengthen personal relationships.
  5. Elevate your overall mental well-being.
  6. Contribute to the reduction of stress, anxiety, and depression.

The My Wellness Mantra activities are designed to be straightforward, enjoyable, and easy to incorporate into your routine. Some of these activities may be familiar, but when executed with mindfulness, they present an opportunity to keenly observe your emotional responses. Consistent daily practice of these activities reinforces the mindfulness process.

Upon subscribing, you will receive a daily text message on your mobile phone (except on Sundays), containing the day’s activity to be undertaken mindfully. To gain insights into practicing activities with mindfulness, you can refer to our mindfulness blog.

To further enrich your journey, we encourage you to document your emotional experiences and their triggering factors. My Wellness Mantra offers a complimentary journal for this purpose, which you can conveniently download. Access the My Wellness Mantra analytical tool here.

Embark on the path of enhancing your mental well-being by subscribing today. Click here to begin your journey toward a healthier mind.