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My Wellness Mantra Approach

My Wellness Mantra journaling focuses on managing emotions to minimize their negative impact and enhance the positive impact on your life.

The “ U-ride” approach for managing emotions:

  • Utilizing past experiences as learning tools for future situations.
  • Recognizing repeated exposure to events that may trigger specific emotions.
  • Increasing awareness of suitable reactions to emotions.
  • Developing strategies for response and planning.
  • Encouraging seeking assistance when needed.

This method assists in identifying habitual emotional responses or reactions that might occur subconsciously. Additionally, it aids in formulating a plan to address these reactions and to manage emotions.

Balancing Emotions and Triggers

For negative triggers and emotions, the strategies include:

  • Avoidance: Eliminating high-impact triggers.
  • Escalation: Seeking guidance through conversation.
  • Transfer: Allocating minor, less impactful triggers to others or planning their management.
  • Mitigation: Preparing responses for potential situations.
  • Acceptance: Recognizing the limits of control and learning to coexist with certain triggers.

For positive triggers and emotions, the strategies are:

  • Enhancement: Fully engaging in and appreciating the moment.
  • Sharing: Amplifying joy by sharing experiences with others.

When journaling, it’s essential to incorporate both the strategy and the methods for achieving your goals. This not only provides a reference point for future needs but also serves as a way to manage responses in your mind, helping you to not feel overwhelmed when managing emotions.

Remember, your journal is more than just a collection of thoughts; it’s a powerful tool for personal growth and emotional resilience. By meticulously outlining your strategies and the steps to achieve them, you’re creating a roadmap to success and emotional well-being. Each time you journal, you’re not just recording events, but actively engaging in a form of self-therapy. This process helps to organize your thoughts, making challenges more manageable and less daunting. So, keep journaling with intention. Your future self will thank you for this act of self-care and foresight, as you navigate life’s complexities with more clarity and confidence.