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Choosing Mental Wellness

Numerous mobile apps cater to stress, depression, and mental health concerns, all striving to provide assistance amid the rising tide of mental health challenges. In addition to these apps, a wealth of online resources can be found to aid in meditation, relaxation, and stress management. While many of these resources are focused on achieving specific outcomes, they often lack a focus on the journey itself. It’s worth noting that while these tools and resources can prove beneficial to many, each person is unique, and these offerings may not fully align with individual needs and preferences. Additionally, some of these resources inadvertently foster dependency rather than empowering individuals with the freedom and choice for self-healing.

Confidentiality and use of personal information is also sometimes questionable.

My Wellness Mantra is simple, fun and easy and focused on your wellbeing.

  • My Wellness Mantra is stress-free and liberating. You can practice the activities at your own time and self heal at your own pace. Self help is the best way of not becoming dependent on an individual or a resource for guidance.
  • My Wellness Mantra is truly confidential as we cannot track you. There is no app to download and you receive the activities via text messages. You can do the activities in your private and comfortable surroundings and keep track of your progress yourself.
  • My Wellness Mantra requires no obligation, you can join, pause or leave anytime.
  • My Wellness Mantra activities are fun, simple and easy to do and we recommend practicing these unique activities daily at least for a year to benefit from it.

My Wellness Mantra activities are simple, just doing an activity with mindfulness everyday will provide you with:

  • An opportunity to involve your mind and body.
  • An opportunity to guide yourself towards better mental well being.
  • An opportunity to understand your own emotions and why you feel that way.
  • An opportunity to live in your present, reflect on your past and improve your future.

My Wellness Mantra is safe and simple; it helps you identify with yourself and find solutions to your problems.

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Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash