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3 aspects of well being

3 Aspects of Well-Being and How to achieve them

We have goals for every stage of our lives, to excel in studies, to make more money, find relationships and to be physically healthy, but we never think of creating a goal for our mental wellness. Achieving overall well-beingIn each phase of our lives, we aspire to achieve various objectives. These include excelling academically, increasing our income, forming relationships, and maintaining physical health.

However, we often neglect to establish goals for our mental well-being. Striving for overall well-being proves to be more difficult than it may initially seem due to the distractions of life, our preoccupation with material possessions, and the impact of societal pressures. The most attainable approach to experiencing a state of well-being is by actively navigating and effectively managing our emotions and sentiments. is more challenging than it sounds because of life’s distractions, our materialistic values and social influences. The closest we can reach a state of well-being is by navigating and managing our emotions and feelings.

There are three major aspects of mental wellness, namely physical, emotional, and social well-being.

Physical well-being can be managed by:
1. Getting daily exercises – at least 30 minutes; the more, the better.
2. Eating a balanced diet – the right amounts of nutritious food.
3. Getting enough sleep – having a routine and sleeping at least 7 hours.

Emotional well-being can be managed by:
1. Identifying fundamental and essential things in your life.
2. Getting to know your emotions.
3. Understanding your trigger points.
Keeping a journal or a record will help in taking steps that help improve our state of mind. Good mental health is very important as it affects us physically and mentally; it’s about feeling good and functioning well.

Social well-being can be managed by:
1. Improving social interactions and interacting with real people in person
2. Spending quality time with family and friends
3. Expressing gratitude

To manage our well-being, we must train our minds and bodies to connect and be in the moment by being mindful of ourselves and our emotions. My Wellness Mantra trains us to achieve mental well-being with simple daily mindful activities. In addition, you can keep track of your emotions and their trigger points using the specially designed journal to understand your mental health better.