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Does my wellness mantra really help?

Does My Wellness Mantra really help?…just by doing an activity a day? 

YES, It is the first step to experiencing self-awareness.

With daily dedication to my Wellness Mantra activities, you can establish a stronger connection with yourself, gradually heightening your awareness of your emotions and their sources. As you cultivate mindfulness, you’ll learn to observe your feelings and consciously choose your responses instead of reacting impulsively. The duration required to notice improvements in your mental well-being varies from person to person, typically ranging from six months to a year. However, consistent practice will enhance your skills over time. Just like any other form of exercise, maintaining a lifelong commitment to My Wellness Mantra activities will continue to bolster your overall mental well-being, granting you increased control, balance, and emotional wisdom.

My Wellness Mantra activities based on the eastern wisdom of nine emotions (Rasas) guide you to:

  • Enhance good emotions while embracing negative ones;
  • Live in the present moment;
  • Analyze past experiences without being judgmental;
  • Prepare yourself for future decisions.

My Wellness Mantra can really help, and you can start your journey by subscribing here.