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Analytical tool MWM - a unique journal

Do you ever contemplate your responses when experiencing anxiety or stress? Can you identify when you are feeling happy? What techniques do you employ to manage anxiety? What is your belief regarding the importance of acknowledging and embracing your emotions?

Now, let’s explore how to begin actively engaging in the process of comprehending emotions and their triggers. What actions can initiate this journey? Should there be a structured schedule? What should be included in your journaling practice?

Discovering mindful activities can be arduous and time-consuming. That’s where My Wellness Mantra becomes a valuable resource. With daily prompts delivered via SMS, it offers a simple and convenient way to engage in mindful activities.

Journaling or writing can serve as a means of documenting your thoughts and emotions, as well as managing signs related to your mental health. It allows you to delve into your feelings and identify what triggers them. However, maintaining a daily writing habit can become monotonous and lead to inconsistent updates, resulting in incomplete data to comprehend the reasons behind your emotional ups and downs.

My Wellness Mantra (MWM) provides a structured approach to journaling, allowing you to focus on specific topics for exploration. These journal entries are recorded in our MWM analytical tool, which makes the process enjoyable and straightforward. The act of journaling itself is a mindful activity as we encourage you to print the journal and have a physical copy rather than relying on a digital format. This not only allows you to manually fill in the colors, but it also grants you the time to reflect, carefully choose the right triggers, and experience the act of recording in a more significant manner.

The features of the MWM analysis tool include:

  1. Simple recording process: The journal in the tool consists of a flower with petals representing each day. This visual representation facilitates easy recording.
  2. Engaging color scheme: The tool provides a color legend corresponding to different emotions (rasas). Each color represents a specific emotion.
  3. Emotion recording through colors: After completing the daily activity prompt, you can choose a color from the legend that represents the emotion you experienced and record it in the journal.
  4. Identifying triggers: Writing down the triggers for that particular emotion of yours allows for deeper analysis and understanding of their underlying meanings.

By the end of two weeks, you will have filled all the petals and recorded the associated triggers.

The analysis of the journal entries involves the following steps:

  1. Interpreting colors: The colors in the journal represent the range of emotions you have experienced. By examining the dominant color, you can gain insights into your emotional state.
  2. Identifying triggers: The analysis also helps you identify the triggers for specific emotional colors.

Once you have both sets of data, you can understand and take action accordingly. If negative emotions consume most of your time, you can devise strategies to address the underlying issues. On the other hand, if positive emotions prevail, you can explore ways to enhance and cultivate them.

The MWM analytical tool provides a visual analysis of your emotions and triggers, empowering you to work on reducing negative influences and fostering positive ones.”

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