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Navarasa - Nine emotions with My Wellness Mantra

My Wellness Mantra is inspired by the eastern wisdom of understanding emotions (Rasas), the nine emotions (Navarasa). In Sanskrit, RASA (Sanskrit: रस) means “nectar, essence or taste”. Rasa implies that any activity is expected to evoke emotions. When you become aware of that emotion, you become self-aware of experiencing yourself. It’s important to note that while Navarasas can contribute positively to mental health, individual experiences and preferences may vary. It’s recommended to explore these emotions in a safe and supportive environment and seek professional guidance if needed.

It is said, Feelings are the awareness of the affect, and emotions are the experience of the affect that is subjective to one’s perception. Therefore, we can see feelings stay for a shorter time while the emotions are stored forever, affecting our moods when triggered by a similar experience.

In 200 B.C.E, Sage Bharata’s Natyashastra had formalised eight rasas ( emotional expressions) to form the foundation for performing arts to connect to the audience and evoke emotions. The ninth rasa was added later by Abhinavgupta, indicating that we recognise nine primary emotions.

The Navarasa are – Nine Emotions

śṛñgāra Rasa – Love

hāsya Rasa – Laughter

raudra Rasa – Furious

kāruṇya Rasa – Compassion

bībhatsa Rasa – Unpleasant

bhayānaka Rasa – Terror

vīra Rasa – Valor

adbutam Rasa – Wonder

śānta Rasa – Peaceful

Both emotional experience and the expression of emotions play an essential role in managing our lives; by understanding the power of our feelings, we can effectively achieve emotional balance.

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