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We feel happy and stressed, but our negative feelings adversely affect our bodies and minds. And these negative feelings are mostly ignored and forgotten as soon as possible to avoid pain. So we tend to pull ourselves out of that bad feeling and move ahead, giving no importance to its effect on us. But unfortunately, by doing it repeatedly, we taught our brain to auto-respond to a similar situation before we could even comprehend if it is a required response.

By being mindful of the effect and cause, finding the actual issue can help to understand ourselves and take steps to improve our mental health.

To understand our emotions and their trigger points, we need a situation to respond; My Wellness Mantra can help you with that; we are here to give you a chance to practice being mindful of the emotions and recording the root cause – the triggers.

Awareness of your emotional triggers can help you change how you respond to stress and anxiety.

My Wellness Mantra sends prompts to help you experience the emotions and guide you to focus on yourself daily with its simple activities.