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My wellness Mantra's Active Mind Journal

My Wellness Mantra Journaling is a crucial component of self-care. It serves as a tool for recording your feelings and identifying what prompts them. The Active Mind journal, a creation inspired by my wellness mantra, offers a novel approach to journaling by allowing you to color in your emotions. This journal features a flower with 12 petals, each petal providing space to note down what sparked a particular emotion.

Step Two – Recording in the Journaling

After completing the activity, the next step is to record the experience of emotions and triggers in the custom-made Active Mind journal.

Emotions are categorized into nine types, each assigned a specific color. This idea draws inspiration from the eastern concept of NAVARASA. The journal makes it easier to recognize and associate emotions with the provided color guide. Instead of writing down feelings, you will use colors as indicated for each emotion.

During the process, you might pinpoint what triggers certain emotions, whether it be work, relationships, or societal pressures. Once a trigger is identified, it can be recorded next to the corresponding color or emotion.

Filling in the journal

  • Choose the color corresponding to your emotion from the provided legend.
  • Fill in the flower’s petal with this color.
  • Jot down the trigger, the underlying cause of your emotion, alongside it.

It’s important to consistently record both emotions and their triggers with each activity. After two weeks, the journal will transform into a vividly colored flower, visually representing the range of emotions experienced.

Reading and understanding the data:

For instance, if in your 12-petal flower, 4 petals are colored green – a hue symbolizing positive emotions – while the other colors are spread out, this suggests that certain activities are fostering positivity and triggering beneficial emotions. Recognizing what contributes to these positive feelings allows you to focus on enhancing those aspects. Conversely, if you find a greater number of petals colored red, a color linked to negative emotions, this indicates that some activities or experiences are leading to unfavorable emotional responses. Identifying these can help you make a conscious decision to either avoid or address these negative triggers. Engaging in this activity offers a deeper understanding of the emotions and triggers in your life, which might have been previously overlooked due to a hectic lifestyle.

Last step is Analysis